We trekked into central NJ for two morning assemblies in Livingston, 500 k – 5th grades. We were in a small gym, perfect for that vintage R&R sound. I left at 6:40 am and got there with a half hour to spare – it’s enough for us to set up and play, amazingly enough. We do have this down to a science.

The PTA lady who booked us still sings with a classic rock band in town, so she was especially glad to have us at the school. After the first show, she was ecstatic and will try to spread the word in the local schools.

It seems old hat to say that everyone had a great time, that kids and teachers got up and danced. I was surprised that the mention of Louis Armstrong brought some murmurs of recognition. But this show works so smoothly and consistently that I sometimes worry that the other guys in the band forget what an amazing vehicle RockRoots is.

RockRoots is, quite frankly, the way I put my son through college. That’s quite an achievement right there.

Back to town, regroup and enjoy my friend John Gorka’s return to Godfreys tonight.