I had a return to my neighborhood farmers’ market on Thursday. I look forward to sitting and playing for two hours. I was wrassling with my tuning (old strings and a tuner that isn’t great in day light) as well as a newly faulty chord so I didn’t hit my groove right away. Also, my friend Mike Holliday came by so I had play up to my Godfrey’s standards and hit some solid performance chops immediately. That’s a good thing though.

In spite of my tuning problems, I was able to step up and play some good tunes like Rumba Man, Legends and others so I appreciated the opportunity to try to play strong for my friends (including Dina and her sister) as well as other familiar faces that showed up during the set. Actually, the turnout was sparse (no Lehigh students) but folks who were actually listening.

I finally got my guitar in comfortable tuning and was able to lean into my material and my guitar work. Time passed quickly and I had some very funny interchanges with the people who had spent some time listening to segments of the afternoon.

I was thoroughly entertained.