I returned to my friends at Village School for an open house, encouraging other families to enroll their kids. It was a nice mixture of the kids I’ve come to know and their families and a bunch of new families, as well as the folks from the church staff. It was in the sanctuary so it was a little stiff (pews and all) so I was up five steps from the floor, much further away than I would have liked. I rolled through the pre-school stuff I usually do but include Little Sally Walker, a play song the kids have taken to.

The dads still are uncomfortable to participate with their small kids at this point, probably because they haven’t been asked to do it, or our culture simply doesn’t do it. I did get help my connection with the school, my monthly visits, and some of the things that I work on – movement, rhymes, etc.

One funny moment happened during the Cat Came Back. I’ve been doing a verse written by kids with a slight of hand at the end: They locked the cat in a cage which he really didn’t like, so he broke on out and escaped on a bike. He started to pedal home and thought he’d get a snack, so he stopped at McDonald’s and got a….. Everyone always jumps with ‘a Big Mac’ and I pause and say… This time a dad pounced on it …’a Fish Fillet’, the answer I always follow with. This is the first time someone was ahead of me on my play. I commented on it. Cool.

We all adjourned to the basement for do-it-yourself ice cream sundries and I got to mix with some of the families. A nice family event