I signed up for two sessions this weekend at the Flint Hill Farm, something I do in the spring and in the fall for their open house. The folks bring out the horses, chickens, sheep, etc. and my friend Dave Reiber puts together a host of Godfrey’s folks to play music in the barn. I’m committed to helping these folks out (I got paid in garlic/basil goat cheese), but basically do it to play music in this situation, mixing it up with folks visiting the farm.

Today was a little different in that I had a late set with few families around. I followed Bill Schachter and Dave Reiber so I said,”Let’s just play.” Terry Hartzell was visiting the farm so I asked him if he had his pipes with him. He said that he didn’t but did have his flutes and tin whistles, so he joined in.

Normally I would do my kids’ stuff, but today I felt that we should play for ourselves, tunes and songs that we could all share. Hammered dulcimer, mandolins, guitars, flutes, and it turned out to be a nice jam. It was interesting to play ‘inwardly’, among ourselves, and not ‘outwardly’, as I usually have to do as a performer.

Dave Reiber, on hammered dulcimer, commented that he particularly enjoyed the opportunity to jam along, something he rarely gets to do on his instrument. The chat between songs was warm and engaging as well. A different kind of farm gig for me on a very pleasant spring Saturday.