I was asked to be part of Red Door Learning Center’s 50th Anniversary Bash in Hellertown. It’s a fairly large pre-school, and one I’ve played for a couple of times in the past. This was a big deal with several generations of families in attendance, lots of cake, ice cream and various activity stations. I was one of them. 


The event filled up several weeks ago so they asked me to do 4 half hour sets so that folks could get a slice of music during the evening. They had originally wanted to do the sets for just the kids while the parents hung out next door. I nixed that right away. I wanted families to partake in the festivities together, and have the parents and grandparents witness and share in the dancing, singing and laughing. It worked well. 


I opted out of having a sound system which was good, but I was scratching away by the end of the evening, having finally gotten over a cold two weeks ago. 


There was one full house, and the others less so, but each had it’s moments, with kids up and dancing, and parents taking cell phone photos and videos. It was a lot of work, but righteous work. I got paid well, sold a few CD’s (never enough as in years past) and was done by 8:00 pm. 


A long day but productive. Tomorrow, the Ice House for Saturday’s Child.