This Friday’s gig was filled with folks waiting for the Follies show and included Bill George’s wife Bridget and Alisa, his daughter, back from Argentina, along with other familiar faces and some new folks as well. The Santa Assassin goes over well in these situations, as well as the Louis Armstrong tunes. I played well and folks started heading to the theater about 7:45 for the show. Starts slow, builds and then fizzles out, but that’s cool. 


I was on board to do the intermission, riding on the assumption that the response would be like last Saturday’s show, with folks gathering and singing Christmas carols in quite the amazing sense of community. 


Not to tonight. In fact there were about five people, including my former wife and her scoundrel of a boyfriend, so it was considerably strained, with them chatting with another couple in an empty room. There was no critical mass of people to disarm the situation. So, I played some mandolin tunes, sang a couple other songs. Thankfully, the show was about to start and everyone exited, with no eye contact from Kim. Gene offered a lame thank you and I grimly said thanks. (Not my real choice, upon reflection.) I packed up and split as fast as I could, like a dog with its tail between its leg. 


I had a sleepless night that night, and I remain amazed that this stuff still gets to me, deep inside. 


I found out later from Bill that Kim and Gene didn’t stay for the second half, so perhaps I wasn’t the only one bothered by the situation. Small comfort, though. 

This was the first of several weekend pre-shows at Touchstone Theatre. I play from 7 pm til showtime at 8 pm in the Cafe along side the Theatre itself. I’ve been promoted for my part in this show, so some folks actually showed up early for my music. Several good friends along with a major patron of the theater came and sat down and enjoyed my banter and music. A sweet moment came when we all sang together on some carols and I remarked how precious these moments are when we can sing out loud as a community. I sold a couple of CD’s and gathered some tips in the mando case and packed it in when the show started. A nice hour of work in front of appreciative folks.


Tomorrow, I do the same but I will be the featured performer for a guest slot on stage. Very comfortable.