I was glad to pick up another gig at CKM on Saturday afternoon, after the previously booked act was dismissed for being too loud. Hey, hire me. So they did.


The last time I played was pre-Thanksgiving so it was a sparse and chilly tent gig. Today, the place was filled and pretty warm with body heat. So I set up my stuff for an hour and half gig.


Today was a hard slog to get people to interact, outside of a few small kids and their grandmoms. Folks were concentrating on eating, taking a break from shopping, so there was no applause to speak of. But that’s okay if that’s what the gig calls for. The conversation was one-sided but still remains part of my presentation.


The front table was four kids and a kid in a stroller playing cards. I assume they were kids of some vendors killing time but it was curious. I felt like I was at the Sands Casino, thought the toddler got out of his stroller and started to boogie with maracas. A good moment.


Seems I have just enough material to pull off the hour plus session and I played well. I’m glad for the gig, but look forward to the evening at Touchstone tonight.