I had excused myself from the NERFA conference in deference to my Sunday gig at local birthday party in Hellertown’s Grist Mill for Macie’s First Birthday Party. It was quite the event!


I relish these opportunities to help celebrate family. This was no different.


I set up in an open space in the mill that would encourage movement for the kids. I encouraged the folks in dining area to move into this more open space and they did. Even the teens, grandfolk and others. I was glad they did. I spoke of the importance of family occasions like this. It turned out nicely.


I had a core of three girls, and I worked from there. As folks gathered, I scoped out grandfolks, toddlers, aunts and uncles and their families. I set out on the prowl.


I played to the girls in front, worked on the parents, picked on the teens and got folks engaged. Although the folks were reticent, we connected and we enjoyed this precious time together: watching the girls dance, the toddlers groove to the beat and the teens enjoy not enjoying the experience. The elders had a really good time watching their family be together. That’s really cool. I did my job.