I headed on down to the Friday Philly Folk Fest to catch the Fest as it develops. I don’t play til Saturday and Sunday, but I was eager to see Ansel play with the Wallace Brothers on the main stage at 3 pm. It was a good entry into the Fest.


Afterwards I was able to roam the grounds with my performer’s pass and check in with my friends involved with the production of this amazing festival. Terry on staging on the main stage, Scott in the archives under the stage, and several folks in the hospitality area. Here I get to reconnect with the many performers, folk promoters and Philly friends. I had the opportunity to chat with many GD performers, folks who got me into the festival years ago, and enjoyed other surprise interactions.


I took in some fine main stage shows but opted out of the big evening finish so I could take on a busy Saturday, with a church benefit and two Philly FF gigs.