I was asked by a colleague of mine, “What was my most memorable gig recently?” You know, the obvious reply would have been one of the large audiences at a festival, camp or commercial venue. But I drew a blank, actually.


Part of the problem was a busy schedule and the ensuing blur of travel and performance. Part is the fact that I blog here on my gigs, in order to process and distill each gig and let it go.


But my mind landed on the children’s hospital gigs I do. These are the most intense and most satisfying gigs I seem to do. These are the ones that seem to leap to the core of what I do.


I’ve had some late night ruminations/dreams about my place in the folk music/arts spectrum. I have so many friends who are major artists and are able to touch thousands of hearts and minds nationally and internationally. I am in awe of their talent and their continuing friendship with me.


Apparently, I work best on a smaller plane and I should be satisfied with that. I work on the micro level while some of  these ‘famous’ friends work on the macro level. My work is with families, kids, grand parents, moms and dads, often on a daily level, driving to school, going to bed, traveling on vacations (to Texas and back?) but always with some personal connection.


It’s these hospital gigs that exemplify this immediate and personal power of true folk music. Sharing musical moments in an intimate exchange. I guess that’s why these gigs define my art in my mind.