I had a two set gig at Musikfest, the ‘feature’ kids’ show (since they’ve pulled back the children’s entertainment to one show a day, and doing bands as well), so I prepared material from all three CD’s. Knowing I had to stretch some songs and pump up the sound, I called on my friend John Christie to sit in on acoustic and electric guitars. I’ve played with him about four times in recent months so I’m real comfortable with his rhythm support and his fine leads. He also know the songs from raising his kids and his grand daughter on my music. He also keeps his antennae up for my fluid interpretations.


There was a good crowd of familiar faces, some folks who attend every year, including the two and three generational families who have followed me for decades. It still amazes me. Great sound system. It being the fifth day of the festival, there was quite a smell rising from the tent grass, a mix of dead grass and beer, I supposed. It was no fluke that I had picked out Barnyard Dance to start with. John came up a few songs in on Cat Came Back, and he did a mighty solo that sounded like a tortured cat to me.


I tried out Jimalong Joe with some limited success in getting kids to dance, play instruments and listen to the song, but I stumbled on the moment of the day. We did hop, twist, shake, etc. but I let John take a nasty lead. So I decided to add ‘air guitar’ for a verse, coaxed kids to come up front, face the audience and play ‘air guitar’. John proceeded to rip a couple of leads and the kids wailed! I encouraged rock and roll faces. What a riot! Good things happen when I take chances.


We finished off the first set with All Around the Kitchen, and kids, grandparents, moms and the day care kids were all up and dancing. I don’t need no stinking band.


I was interviewed byTV-39 interns in between sets. Practice on Dave sessions. That’s okay. It’s what I do.


Unfortunately, taking a break means folks will leave, so there was a smaller audience when we returned. We did Baby Shark, Giants, Bear Hunt and finished up with Knock, Knock and Splish Splash, with folks up and dancing.


It was a hot summer day in a stinky tent, but time flew by with an intelligent audience, people of all ages, families having fun, taking pictures. I got to play some tunes in a two set gig that I don’t get to do when I perform the one-setter, songs in the second tier of my material.


But the best part was playing with a symbiotic guitarist who knows how to compliment my style and add some of his fine guitar craft on the fly. I was listening, and I’m sure the adults appreciated his art, too. These shows have to be a balance for the kids and the adults, so, with my humor and drool comments, John’s tasty licks and some fine music  between us, it turns out to be quite the professional presentation.


I sold four CD’s. What’s up with that?