Back to the IceHouse for my third installment of Topsy Turvy Tuesdays. This one centered on sing-alongs, so I felt quite comfortable doing this material. these shows are part of PA Youth Theater’s summer camps, but are open to the public so there were theater kids, counselors and some moms and kids. A very nice situation, especially with the campers.


There was a nice moment with two twin girls who are fans. I got them up to Thunder-Tube on Giants and it was wonderful. Besides being real cuties, the audience got to watch twins on stage. I’m sure it was as fun to watch as it was to perform.


I got to take advantage of the campers to weave in some of my past history in theater, both in high school and with Touchstone. I also mentioned how it affects what I do on stage all the time, and how it may affect them in what they do in the future.


Good questions at the end, as you would expect from an intelligent group of kids in an arts-rich environment like today.