This is a yearly summer gig in Forks Township, north of Easton. It’s a national daycare facility with various local places like this one. Toddler through K, so it’s a mixed bag of abilities, so I have to gauge what I do. There were about 70 kids in this space, with teachers, so it was a good group to work with, lots of laughter, good responses to the sing-alongs.


I held off on passing out the play instruments til the very end, and I had some help from the staff to simply deal out the instruments. The young kids come up and can’t decide, or make 5 decisions before they move away from the bag. Sheesh. The staff helped me out on the democratic process, and eliminated it. Poof. Take it, Play it. Point taken.


The teaching moment came at the end, during Knockin’, as I was dealing out the knock-knock jokes. This one had a flag raised on it. Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Tom Sawyer. Tom Sawyer who? Tom saw your underwear. Always a good one.


This time I noticed one teacher lip read to a fellow pre-K teacher, “Not appropriate.” Oh, my. I suppose she is right, in a school setting for the little ones, but I scratched my head (figuratively). Tough standards. I will think twice about when I play this card again.