Up and out of the Lehigh Valley, over the Blue Mountain and into Tamaqua for a family concert at a relatively new venue, the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. They’ve been in existence for two years, but have recently renovated the former sactuary of a church, and put it a fine stage, sound and lights that would be the envy of any small town.


I was pointed in their direction by fellow PA traveler Jay Smar, and we worked out a deal, split the door, and put on a family show. There was a small crowd with only two boys, several couples, some elders and a few families. No matter for me. I played a really good set, which is always aided by good sound and lights.


I had the lads Anthony and James come up for Tutti Tah, Giants, and, at the end, You Keep a ‘Knockin. But I had to play to the adults more than usual, with only two kids in the house. It made for an interesting show, both with the material and the stage patter. It worked, and not what I had imagined when I booked the gig.


A couple came up and remarked that they remember going to see Steppin’ Out! at the Queen Vic back in the 80’s.


The staff enjoyed my work, and we agreed that we will find a way to get back on the schedule. I’d love to open for some of their adult shows, as well.


Another beautiful summer drive into a gorgeous part of PA.