This is my annual summer vacation, and I missed it last year. It’s basically a group of people who gather in a glade off beyond some fields in the middle of PA. Its invitation only, and it is known only to those who attend. No public mention, no media, no pay. Strictly word of mouth. It’s been going on for more than a decade, so it is a gathering of friends and friends of acoustic music. It’s as close to a hippie happening as things get nowadays.


I’ve played it, I guess, 4 or 5 times, always on a Saturday afternoon; there is always an appreciative and intelligent audience. This was a Friday evening for a change, and I think it was one of the better sets I’ve done recently. I was on second and I think it was a good slot. Lessons from Pete went over nicely, as well as Giants, July and others. I chatted with some old faces and some new ones as well. I always think I’m surprising a bunch of folks on this stage. Sold a few CD’s.


These Father Folks are real community events, not only for me as a professional player, but especially for the majority of semi-pros and amateurs who play for the joy of playing. It gives all of us a beautiful stage in an idyllic setting, great sound, intelligent audience. That’s a rare and fine thing in the world.


Early split for CT in morning, but worth the experience every time.


It felt good, once again, to drive off on an unmarked dirt road in rural PA through a perfect July firefly sunset, having played music at this festival.