I was delighted to return to Milford, CT for one of my favorite gigs. Camp Happiness. What’s not to like with that? I’ve played this summer camp for special needs kids for several years and I relish the opportunity to play for these kids and counselors (!!!) every summer. The camp organizers have valued my service to these kids and have incorporated my CD’s into their music curriculum to the point that these kids (and counselors) anticipate my return with relish. How very cool.


I like to start out with suggestions from the kids, and I’m met with enthusiastic requests like The Cat Came Back, Baby Shark, Peanut Butter. That’s really cool. Today, I said I had Baby Shark on my new CD, and the camp roared. Yes, it’s part of the reason I did my new album. This felt particularly good.


Early on, I did Down By the Bay, with the various groups featured (standing up with body motions) and it was a great group support session. Dolphins going golfing, Tornados eating tomatoes, Monkeys getting funky…. Good acknowledgement of the tribes.


So many other great moments with the kids and the counselors reacting with me and with each other, in very personal moments. I get to see it all happen in front of me. I can’t stress how important it is to see campers and the staff join in with what I do. It’s really powerful.


At the end, I gave out clown noses to all the counselors, and we got a group picture with us all.


Yes, I got paid well. But I received so much more, in return.


Off to lunch with my daughter, Rosalie, and an evening in New Have with friends.