I had a rare return to CT for two half-hour sets for a kindergarten at a school in West Haven. 10:30 am for the morning kids and 12:15 pm for the afternoon session. Interesting difference in the behavior between the two groups. Working with the second group, I remarked that these were the ‘realists’; they really got it and we really connected. The early kids were the ‘dreamers’, always floating away from the situations. One teacher gave me a knowing nod.


I left the Southside at 6 am and made it through PA, NJ, NY and CT traffic in time and without a whole lot of trouble. The tough part is the hour break between the shows.Back in Bedlam by 4:30. I got paid well for this one.


The second set had fewer time constrains so I was able to expand on some songs, as well as play a couple different tunes (seeing how K teachers have to be there for both sessions). Again, All Around the Kitchen is developing into a very fine set ender, partly because it gets everyone up and dancing and singing and thinking. Lots of teachable moments, and that’s what it’s all about.


Long drive back but in good shape. I listened to John Gorka’s new CD and the miles disappeared.