Today was the last official school gig of the season and I spent it on the road to CT and back, with a brief 50 minute show with 140 K’s. I was in North Branford, a mere 3 miles from my old homestead in Northford, so it was interesting to finally play a really local school three years after I left town.


the kids were in the middle of an arts day, so they came into the gym with leis and decorated visor hats. It was a big crowd in a noisy gym settin so I was glad I was prepared with a sound system. I needed it. The kids were, of course, great to play for and with and all had a good time.


I asked the teachers to get up and dance, and one teacher shook her head rigorously. I did say, “It’s okay. It’s been a long year.”


The principal was at the gig for about half of it, and, as I packed up and headed for the car, I thanked him for the opportunity. He said, “I don’t know of anybody who can do what you just did, for 140 kindergarteners in a gym at the end of the year.”


Me neither.


Left at 5:30 am and back a 6:00 pm. Friday traffic was not fun. Lunch with Rosalie was fun. Long day on the road.