Tonight was another special evening in the series, with good friends Wendi Bourne and Lauren Janson (Bono), ladies who have backed me up on vocals on most of my CD’s, and are part of ‘my sound’ that folks hear when they listen to my albums. They are fine musicians on their own with Big Night Out and Girls From Mars. Wendi is a killer swing guitarist and their vocal arrangements are superb.


I’ve run into this before, sitting between them, wrapped up in their vocals and getting lost in the song, forgetting verses, etc. It happened a couple of times tonight but I managed to sweep the mistakes under the rug.


We talked about the difference of performing live and working in the studio. They seem much more focused and comfortable in the studio, while it is a chore for me. I really rely on the audience reactions to give me juice.


These ladies are as close to sisters as it comes, and it was simply wonderful to catch up with them and perform once again.


Again, a small crowd for a truly magical evening. I scratch my head.