We had two afternoon assemblies at a small ES in Wayne, NJ. I much prefer the mornings, even if it’s early because you get the afternoon off. This one ate up the day with a 10:30 am split and a 4:00 pm return. Wayne Smith sat in on guitar on this one; Donny has a profitable lesson schedule that makes it hard for him to do the gig. We’re lucky we have subs for most of these situations.


I got a panicked call from the PTA lady saying that the gym wasn’t available due to voting so would we mind playing outdoors. I said that wasn’t a problem, just a lesson in democracy.


So we set up on the grassy circle in front of the school with strong sun and limited shade and a chance of thunder storms. We did the first show for the 4th and 5th graders and the weather was fine and the kids friendly. The sun really took it out of me, though, and I pulled out my stool for the second set with the little kids. Still lots of sun. It made a big difference though I really didn’t like to ‘stool it’ for a RockRoots assembly. It’s just not Rock and Roll.


It never did rain. It did Wayne. He’s king of the noodlers, though and I was begging for some straight rhythm guitar. His voice is burning out as well, but he’s a good guy and knows the show.


Long drive back and a radio show tonight.