I was tickled to return to Moravian Academy’s Lower School Field Day for an assembly after, as I found out, a five year absence. These annual gigs sometimes slip and it’s a shame, not only monetarily (they tend to be good paying gigs to count on), but of a certain community connection blip, even for the teachers.


The last time I played, a teacher came up and asked if I had hearing problems, and I said, frankly, “Yes.” I then figured out that she meant,”Do you realize how loud you were?” Ooops. I guess so. That may have contributed to my 5 year absence.


This gig turned out to be great. The kids, fresh from field day activities in the nearby historic Moravian graveyard, simply jumped on board with my material. It was also good to have the element of surprise, with, I assume, a good portion of new ears in the house. The teachers were enthused as well.


Thunder Tubes on Giants, Cat Came Back and All Around the Kitchen dance finale were superb. This one I got paid for, with the September deposit long gone (and well spent, I’m sure). Cash flow, ya know.


Pretty nice that I played two schools in my immediate neighborhood, two distinctly different demographics (to say the least), all in one Monday in June.


That’s cool.