My second gig today was to be at a street festival in Allentown in the interesting section of old row homes, some nice restorations in a mixed neighborhood. I was booked here several weeks ago, but when I looked on the web site yesterday, I was not listed. Hmmm. So I headed over to see what’s up. I got there and asked my friend Jimmy Supra what was going on. He didn’t know. I wasn’t listed.


Well, we got word from somewhere that I would go on at 12:45 so that’s what I did. Not a lot happening on the street. A few vendors, several nice old cars and a smattering of folks walking around. I managed to gather four or five kids to play along with and we commenced to entertain ourselves. A couple of older folks were hanging out on their stoop and I engaged them with tambourines and some song.


A brief thundershower interrupted my set, but I got back on to finish up with two more songs. As I packed up I chatted with an old timer who told me he grew up in this neighborhood and pointed out various houses that were once a butcher, and jeweler now residences.


Another gig in front of 10’s of people, but I made some connections.