I’m making a point to return on a monthly basis to this new SouthSide vegan restaurant for three reasons. First, I get to practice my ‘adult’ material for two hours. Second, I get a fabulous and healthy meal (kale, African peanut soup, vegan sausage and potatoes, killer desserts). Thirdly, I get to help out a new counter-culture enterprise in my neighborhood.


Ironically, I had two requests for I Like Peanut Butter and We Gave Names to the Animals, material from my kids’ albums, but then again, there were families celebrating moms and grandmoms, so the requests were quite appropriate.


One woman expressed that she enjoyed my selection of material. I was trying to be fairly subtle and ‘back ground’ and she picked up on it. I’ve given up on using a sound system for this gig and it has simplified the whole operation and provided a unique situation of presenting my music.


I’ll be back on Sunday, June 8th.