I returned to Marvine after many years for an assembly. Large Latino population and something I love. We’re gonna dance and sing.


I played for about 350 kids, K – 5 grades, and, for the most part, a lively bunch. I did a bunch of older songs: Peanut Butter, Cat Came Back. etc. Giants featured some 5th graders on Thunder Tube and was tons of fun.


I finished with All Around the Kitchen, but the kid were a little less forthcoming than than I was expecting so there was a lag between communicating dance moves to the horde. Dually noted.


I was good to exercise these tunes with these kids. Great interaction with the teachers and kids but I still have to make decisions as we go. But that’s what it’s all about. Deal with it and create.


All in all, another good gig doing what I do best… dealing with it.