Another good DNO with two strong performers with a good audience turnout. I was wondering how I would negotiate the obvious lesbian overtones, but it turned out to be quite fine and we had some great chatter on the state of the LGBT music circuit, their influences and other nuances. Our society has come quite a distance, even in the last few years.


 I mentioned how wonderful it was to witness Cris Williamson and Tret Fure years ago at Godfreys, how it opened up my eyes to how those ladies could write songs that were gender-neutral about love, affection and respect. It was one of the best nights I can remember.


Dina interviewed Regina and then Regina interviewed Dina, an interesting wrinkle in the format that works really well. Both women were very informative, thoughtful and eloquent and the audience chimed in with some good questions.


One woman asked me about the Musicians on Call work in the Philly children’s hospitals, so the spotlight shifted amongst all three of us.


One interesting observation was about how male backup instrumentalists tend to listen more when they accompany female band leaders. Chalk it up to good manners, but there is something there that is different in that situation. Less testosterone, I guess.


Again, a very interesting night and DNO remains a magical evening regardless of the performers, or … because of the performers.