I was asked to perform my ‘Put the Frack Back’ tune for my artist friend and shaman Barnaby Ruhe at the opening of his art exhibit in the swank 19th Street district tonight. Barnaby is quite the activist who has mixed his world view with his politics with his art and is an exhausting person. I love it.


I was to play next to his ‘Dave Fry Fracking Song’ piece which involved written words, Chinese script and various art thangs, and, interestingly enough, none of my song. But, so it goes in this art world. I use his portrait of me on FaceBook so its a trade off. I was honored that I had a small impetus in his creative process.


I played the tune for the gathered intelligentsia, cracked them into participating in a plethora of ways, singing, hand motions, movement and humor, and they came around. It was fun to deal with hip people.


The best thing, though, was I got to open for a burlesque dancer who did the traditional (??) tease. She did the boa, the gloves, the hair, the stockings (so I’m told), and more. Not my standard opening act.


The hostess Urzula said, ‘I bet you’ve never done this before.’ I said that while driving over I was thinking of the time Steppin’ Out! played at Plato’s Retreat in NYC many years ago and they asked if we could play something for the stripper. The band looked at me and said,’Well, Dave?’ sheesh….


We ended up playing St. James Infirmary, perhaps the only slow drag tune we knew. Yup, done that!


Nice way to end a day that started in front on 7th and 8th graders in the morning.