I finally had the chance to return to WXPN for an interview with the wonderful Kathy O’Connell, the irrepressible host of Kids’ Corner, a regular kids’ show on Philly radio. Ansel came over for the interview and it was a good one. It’ll be mixed down and replayed at some point on the air.


Cathy is wonderfully exuberant and supportive so she had good lead-ins. We covered some Philly topics including the Philly Folk Song Society’s Odyssey program and Musicans on Call in the hospitals. I was glad Kathy extended the questions and conversation to Ansel. We played Jelly in the Dish, Giants, Skip to My Lou and she will insert Shoo That Fly from the album. It’ll be a good radio interview.


I talked with her about the Philly Folk Fest, and she has already suggested to the bookers that I would be a good ‘local’ fit. I’m really trying to get back into the festival, and getting Philly air play from Playground is an important element. A good trip to Philly and back on a Thursday afternoon.