Slow times on the gig front, so I’m grateful for those that come along. I’ve been trying to get in on the Easton FM schedule for a quite a while, and I’m still a relative unknown to new bookers on the scene due to my 10 years in CT. So several months ago I signed up for this Saturday’s FM. It’s indoors for the winter, and at a nice place, too. I figured playing live for them would seal the deal.


I played in a cafe situation with my sound for the room and a feed to the full market. The dude in charge kept on telling me to turn it down in the room, to the point beyond my belief. I could hardly hear it myself. “We’ve had complaints that the patrons can’t talk.” I guess the artist has no say in the presentation. I sucked it up and did my best and launched into the two hour set.


Some familiar faces showed up and actually stuck around for the duration. Earl the Accordionist came in from his post outside the market to listen. A fine street player and fellow trooper.


Several nice moments. One elderly woman came in with her daughter and started to boogie and shake that thang.  Great. Another family came in with a young lad in tow and sat down. The dad said that they had a request and said ‘Sally Go Round the Sun’, an obscure tune off my Shake It! CD. I was really surprised and proceeded to play it for the folks. The boy and the family lit right up.


My beef. I emailed the booker several weeks ago to follow up with a summer booking and she said it was all booked. Damn. I felt this was a pretty dead end gig, though fun as always, but not a progressive one. Sold a CD and got pocket change in tips, told to turn down, but didn’t get a ticket and bought cheap gas across the river in NJ.


So it goes. Tomorrow, more of the same at the vegan restaurant.