Things have been slow the last couple of times, but Shankara got a nice review in the paper so it was busier today. This was a special fixed price buffet, so folks came in and sampled a great assortment of vegan food, including Easter ‘ham’ that was quite good. I played straight through from 11 am til 1 pm, this time with out the sound system, especially since a couple of tables were quite close. The sound was fine and I’ll skip the hassle of mikes next time.


I got a few tips and sold a CD. The folks were friendly and I played really well. I guess I was warmed up from the Farmers’ Market from the day before. Towards the end a couple sat right in front, so I was trying to not play to loud and not too overbearing so it was a challenge.


Afterwards I introduced myself and the gentleman said that loved it and tried hard not to clap. I said they made me work especially hard.


I grazed the buffet afterwards and filled myself with some great, healthy food. It’s tough not getting paid but its more for the soul and the practice that I do it.


Tuesday, back to St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital with Ansel. A string of freebies. Workin’ on my karma.