Music Mondays is the format on the local news and weather TV station on South Mountain, and I had signed up for the slot a few months ago. 7:30 arrival for two short spots at 8:20 and 8:50 am. Eve, one of the hosts, did some good pre-show emails with me, so she was prepared with some introductions, questions as well as assembling graphics like the Playground artwork, my web site, etc. We did alright for the chatter and I got some playing in on two songs.


The first song was Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning, an obvious choice for the situation, though Eve had led in with my kids’ music intro, so I zigged a little. I thought I should do one that I could nail, and made the mistake to add ‘today’s a Monday morning’ and I blew the following line but recovered somewhat. The crew unfortunately didn’t communicate on how long the song was to be, or relay to me when they faded out, so I plowed along as the camera’s moved to other positions. Too bad. I realized that a song is only as good as its ending and I had no way to ‘stick’ the ending.


The second segment featured Giants and I hit it pretty well, but again no meaningful signals of when they faded out, so I plowed through a verse and negotiated an early ending. But, again, no idea from the crew.


It was an okay appearance and some shameless promotion for the CD, but left with a sour  taste in my mouth. I haven’t seen the tapes yet, and frankly, I’m not eager to review them or post them on FB.


Another early morning tomorrow for RR in Brick, NJ.