It was quite an early split from Bethlehem today at 6 am for two assemblies near Asbury Park, NJ starting at 8:40 am. I woke up around 4:15 and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got myself together for the day.


I piled in to the school about 7:50 and set up. The other guys got stuck in bus traffic at the school so it was a hurried set for them, but we got it going on time. Older kids (3rd – 5th) to start with and they were very fine. The little ones for the second and they were pretty talkative throughout so we rolled the show through and we done before 11 am and on the road home.


I simply lost my place in the first set during the early R&R part and needed a nudge from Kevin to find my place. The early lift-off caught up with me. It happens rarely but it happens.


Dave’s Night Out tomorrow.