I signed up for some light music at a new vegan restaurant a couple of blocks away from home on a Sunday from 11am til 1 pm or so. Several reasons, not the least being a chance to sit and play music. It’s why I like farmers’ markets.


I’ll play for tips, a CD sale or two and some good food. Almost hit the trifecta. The $5 tip I got from a young family went to Esther, the lady who served me my meal. No CD sales. Great food.


But I got to play. I actually sit in the front window – a big, open space in front (it was a small department store at one time) that sounded pretty nice acoustically. But it did separate me from really hearing the sound from the PA in the room. It turned out to be fine, but a situation to navigate.


Few folks today, but it was good. Those upstairs could hear the music and those downstairs did, too. My good friends Gar and Sandy stopped by, and were immediately escorted upstairs and out of sight to the ‘tables for two’. (I discussed this with the staff and agreed to ask if folks want to be near the music). It’s a new place.


But Gar and Sandy graciously came down afterwards and we talked, I played, we talked, I played so it was a fine social event for all three of us. Nobody in particular around, and the ambiance made the ‘non-music’ moments enjoyable for the whole atmosphere. That could change with a busier (which is good) Sunday.


I pulled a Utah Phillips song “Going Away’ out of my ass that I hadn’t played in decades. I pulled it off in brevity and surprised myself knowing words and chords. I have to take time to work on it. This stuff runs deep.


I’ll be back in two weeks. I look forward to it.