Saturday morning’s show at Steel Stacks turned out to be much better than I had expected from other shows at this venue. It’s in a large commons area facing the old Bethlehem Steel Blast furnaces (nice) but furnishes no focus on the performer (not so nice). Sound is provided (good) but the speakers are off on the ceiling two floors above (bad). I get paid fairly well (good). So it’s a mixed bag gig that I am glad to take. 


Today’s gig was particularly crowded due to recent press in the Morning Call and my Monday gig on TV, so folks were trundling in at a good pace beforehand. I was also lucky that I was the only thing happening at that time in the place (no movies or other events) so there was a focus on my show.


I was particularly glad that my friend John Christie showed up with his guitar. We go way back and his granddaughter is a big ‘Dave Fry’ fan. I especially love to hear, through John, her reactions to my songs in that ‘other’ reality of listening to the CD’s. John is adept at playing lead on the fly (on the Fry) and I welcomed having him fatten out the sound, especially with a big crowd. He did great and I could extend the dance songs nicely.


I was prepared to sit on a stool for this one but jettisoned that idea with a big crowd. It was a good idea, though I do take a hit physically nowadays when I do.


We started off with Peanut Butter, get ’em up dancing and take it from there. I was able to pull back from that and do some of the interactive solo favorites like Bear Hunt and Peanut Butter and Jelly. And then I went back to the power tunes with John, especially with the new tunes like Jelly in the Dish, All Around the Kitchen, Jimalong, etc. It’s nice to have this new stuff up and running.


Kids were dancing, playing instruments to the delight of the parents and grandparents. In fact, at the end I insisted that everyone get up and dance. It was pretty cool to have the place rocking. I commented to John that I still wished I had more control over my sound – I know what my Martin should sound like, and it should sound like it’s coming from the stage.


I did sell CD’s and got to absorb stories from folks who have raised their kids to my music. And I am tickled that I have new product that I am proud of.


Good exhaustion. Vintage Open Mike on Sunday.