We’ve picked up a few gigs from this Northern Hew Jersey town. This was two morning sets for about 500 K – 5th grades. Again, a long drive (6 am blast-off) for a 9am start but we seem to always make it in time to spare.


A particularly wonderful moment happened, as it often does, during the do-wop section with Peanut Butter. The early show was K – 2nd so I picked out 4 kids from the 2nd grade. Two boys, two girls, as I like to do.


The younger kids are always enthusiastic, and these kids were no different. I always pass the mike in front of each of the kids on the last chorus and they chip in a “Peanut, Peanut Butter” in various forms. Always interesting, revealing and entertaining.


The principal came up after the show and remarked that one of the kids I chose was autistic, and that I probably didn’t know it. I didn’t; in fact I though it might have been the young boy closest to me. It was the girl in the middle, and when I reflect on her joyous “Peanut Butter”, it was great, and the response to her singing from the room was outrageous. Magic.


You realize how many of these trans formative moments happen and we are never become aware of. You have to sew the seeds and hope they take root out there somewhere. We seldom find out how they grew but have faith that they will.