Another interesting DNO on a frigid January evening. Not so many folks but two good friends on stage with me: Jack Murray and Kris Kehr. Jack is Ramona’s hubby and he was sporting his Martin guitar that he won in a Godfrey’s raffle before he and she were sweet on each other. In fact, Ramona drew the winning ticket. That was one of the surprises that cropped up during the evening.


Kris had his 12-string and his 6-string that I had gotten him up at Martin years ago. I had forgotten that guitar connection. I played my GD Martin, so it was an all Martin evening. I tossed in some mandolin as well, though Gibsonesque.


We swapped tunes, played leads on each songs, talked about country music. The topic of ‘jams’ came up and I talked about my discomfort with jams, sometimes preferring the ‘song’ as an entity. We talked about being able to intuit the chord structures and being able to play along with tunes we didn’t really know. Kris mentioned that it was akin to ‘language’, being familiar with  vocabulary and able to converse comfortably. Nice.


Again, not too many people in attendance, but the stage was warm, the chatter friendly and the lads really enjoyed the format. I still wish this would catch on though. Those there had a good time, and that’s the best I can hope for.