This was a good and interesting gig today. I haven’t done many Bethlehem schools recently, and not many holiday/regular repertoire shows either. But I had two fellow performers who have kids in the school there join me in various ways. I wasn’t sure how to work them in but had faith in their sensibilities to wing it with me.


Mick Duck, aka Not for Coltrane, sat in on uke, especially on We Gave Names, which he had written lyrics for. It was nice to walk off mike and give it to Mike. Fionna Hennessy sat in on flute and she complimented The Cat Came Back and other tunes famously. Both sat on either side of the stage steps and became part of the tableau.


There were two signers who were delightful to work off of, especially on I Like Peanut Butter, and tried to incorporate them into the larger audience. One of the ladies literally cracked up when I repeated the knock knock joke – Banana ad infinitum. Orange!


It was a densely packed space but lots of fun because the teachers and the kids were a nice chunk of people to work with, and the enjoyment was contagious. Mike says he learns from my work, and did so today as well. I guess I’ll have to grill him as to what he was thinking. I just toss into the bowl and mix freely.


I got paid what I deserve (and what was my going rate before the collapse in 2008) for a change, and it was really good show. …and it was a mile from home.