We decided to to use an open Friday night after Christmas to do the December version of DNO, and this one turned out to be different, with the focus on children’s performers. Robbi and I, of course, are musicians (storytellers) but the addition of Doug Roysdon, puppeteer made for some interesting ‘jams’. This also was open to kids, as well, so the night moved from kids material to philosophy and back.


The format encourages questions from the audience and the kids jumped in with great questions about how we got started, what made us decide to be artists, how long does it take to make a puppet.


Doug talked about being a ‘maker’ artist, drawing, building, carving, etc. and how that influences his art. That a take that surprised me, and uses a different way of learning than myself.I loved that he referred to his ‘Puppet Space” in his mind that is his muse.


Robbie spoke of Kwanza as a new celebration for African-Americans pointing back to African roots. We are so used to the European roots of Christmas, that it made sense. She did a couple of tunes engaging the kids in movement and rhythm instruments, and we talked about what she did that made it work.


We finished up with All Around the Kitchen, with kids dancing and making up moves to add to the dance.


Another small turn out, helped out by WDIY promotion though, and it was another quality evening.