A doubleheader on Friday with the morning/afternoon spent at this nice facility in New Hope, PA. It’s a ‘hands on’ place with lots of interesting things for kids to do, so I set up in a quasi-gazebo for the 11 am show. A nice group of parents, grandparents and kids and toddlers for this show, including a grandmom who brought up her daughter on my tapes, and the daughter now has children. This is happening pretty frequently. Nice.


The second show at 1 pm was less attended but fun. During the long break in between, I figured that a short teaser would be appropriate, and help me stay engaged as well. It worked well, and made me rethink the format. I planned on two 40 minute sets, but, with so much interactive stuff in the house, 30 minutes was better. In fact, I talked with Gabrielle, a fellow YANJ artist and the lady who booked me, that next time we should do several shorter sets, even 20 minutes, spread over the time period.


I was prepared to sell a bunch of CD’s which, quite surprising didn’t happen. Perhaps the fact it was post-Christmas, the folks had already paid $7 per person to get in, or CD’s are starting to be somewhat passe. Great, now that I have stocked up on all my CDs.


It was good to be playing, making money (January doesn’t look good at all) and engaging folks. Back to Bedlam for Dave’s Night Out tonight.