I broke a string of a week between gigs, and twelve days between paying gigs. My evil twin doesn’t like that but he was banished tonight as I traveled a mere 15 miles to Phillipsburg, NJ for a family night at a Early Learning school I visit annually. This was the first time with the adults/parents with their kids, and a few familiar teachers as well. I suppose it was a small crowd but I don’t even think of that any more.


As usual, there was something for everyone, and I threw in some new stuff as well with Rosalie, Where are You Going early on and All Around the Kitchen towards the end. It’s nice to have my standards that are really strong, especially for the new parents/grandparents, cause they’re watching the kids. I make sure I make contact with each parent… as well as the kids, as individuals. It’s wonderfully intense intellectual work, as well as creative work.


But then again, I believe in intelligent creation as an artist. I do believe that this is the zone I can reach for and touch my spiritual core, when time disappears and community takes shape. I realize I’m making a difference in life.   …oops, sorry, got carried away again.


I head back to the school in February for a day of four assemblies. Back into my laboratory for more of my experiments. Bwa haha….


Strange gigs this weekend as the runners come to town. Crack o’ dawn, outside by a road, thousands of folks go by as I play…. more on that later.