I returned to Brookside Country Club for another family event, this time for a Halloween brunch. These folks know how to set the table, with great food, really friendly staff and me. I set up in the main room, and while the families settled in, gathered food, I started playing tunes, some Halloween songs and encouraged kids to come up and play instruments. Eventually, we had some good stuff going, especially with the toddlers and their grandparents delighting in the wee one’s reaction to the music. Frankly, I delight in it as well. The music runs deep, or close to the surface with the toddlers.


I played for two hours and it was a good time. The kids were great and we connected, they danced and we all played.


These are nice gigs, not just because the money is good (and welcomed), but because kids are kids, regardless of social status of the families. I’ll be going back to do the Santa Brunch in December, and I look forward to my return.