I picked up a child care venue gig in Jersey City on Thursday, with a long ride across the state, right up to the Hudson River, in fact. It was Bright Horizons facility with an upscale, and largely Indian clientele. Lots of smaller kids decked out in Halloween costumes, a log-jam of strollers outside and very nice place overlooking the Hudson and NYC. Incredible sight.


I was late getting there due to Jersey traffic and the fact that it was right down to the waterfront, and no visible markings on this rather corporate looking highrise. Anyway, they knew I was on the way and I got there right around show time.


A few of the kids were old enough to be hip to what I was doing, but many of the toddlers didn’t quite know what the deal was. Once we got out the shakers, though, it didn’t matter at all. We finished up with a march around the large vestibule and then things scattered as folks went home.


As I packed up and left, I witnessed the setting sun light up the NY skyline. A breath-taking sight.