When I do these FM tours in CT, I stay with Ron and Susie overnight in my other home town in Northford. Ron Anthony is my good friend from my days in CT, and he invited over several of my other bro’s to pick some. These are pretty great times, passing along songs, playing leads, telling tales, eating pizza and watching them drink beer. Jim and Denny, Frank, Ron and Lou on bass.


Ron does his own mighty songs and we try to figure them out, Frank has some interesting pop and bluegrass songs, a sparkling Martin D-41 and we get to trade off on mando, Jim and Denny know a passle of old tunes, and Lou explores with us on the doghouse bass 


Anyway, its great music around the kitchen table amongst very good friends. You can’t put a price tag on these evenings and its so different than playing on stage. Good for the soul, as well.