It was the annual Godfrey’s at Musikfest day at the courtyard behind the Sun Inn. It a showcase for the club and for the artists, as well. A perfect day, great sound and an audience who wanted to be there.


Dina Hall and I had the first slot, so we decided to split the set up into two songs apiece, back each other up and generally share the stage. It worked nicely and I got to play some backup mandolin for her. I hauled out a lot of kids and family stuff, especially with some family fans in the audience. The songs worked well.


Dina said later that evening how challenging it was to pick up after one of my crowd-involving tunes with her more introspective songs. I thought the set benefited with the changes in the flow and concepts, but I was surprised she brought up her challenge. We’re all learning from these gigs.


The Best Of Open Mike followed with five homegrown folks from the GD open mike community and they all stepped up and did fine 15 minute sets. The audience was there for them, listened and appreciated the music. I was proud of them all.


Dina and I split some emcee duties, throwing in a few songs. I did Lessons from Pete, and some folks mentioned later if there was music for it and whether it would be out on CD. Nice.


The place was full of Godfrey’s supporters and familiar faces. A very good day. 


But it was an exhausting day and my body felt the strain. Monday off and then back to Wilmington on Tuesday. Haircut and laundry.