A new preschool for me not far from home north of Easton – a fairly sophisticated site with about 60 toddlers and pre-schoolers. We did one set, and initially I thought that was a good idea. I could get it done all at once in one fell swoop. But, in hind sight, I should have done two, splitting the toddlers from the older kids.


The toddlers were on the right side of me with the older kids on the left. I noticed the little kids spent most of their time looking at the older kids and their reactions, as opposed to reacting to me and the music. I should have performed with them first, by themselves and cater the material directly to them, and I could have passed out the instruments earlier for them.


The older kids were, of course, totally into the music and games. They need no special attention to link to the music and we had a really good time. It was a nice gig and I hope to come back, but I will offer to do the two shows next time.