I headed up the pike to Northford’s Smith Library for a return visit at this wonderful library in my not-so-distant past. I’ve done summer shows here for several years, and Donna, the children’s librarian, gathers a nice crowd of kids, families and, this year, her grandkids. Family.


It was AIR CONDITIONED, at least in the children’s area, and I played acoustically, with kids up front and parents circling about.  I got to throw in Rosalie, Where are You Going, and attempted Jelly (with less success?) and it was a really nice time.


There were several instances of some older kids in the mix, who had been to several earlier shows, and yet they jumped in with both feet because they had seen me as ‘kids’ and now were ‘tweens’. They could still bring back their ‘kidness’ and play with me. Pushing the culture envelope.


A nice visit with Ron Anthony and Susie DeSilver, who put me up in style when I’m in CT.  Too bad I can’t go back to my old home.