I’ve made it back to the Historic Bethlehem Blueberry Festival at the Burnside historic site. I played the very first ones when the only thing ‘historic’ was the dirt road leading to a beat-up house, seemingly in the middle of the country, yet just a stones throw from Moravian College, Martin Towers and a mall.


I was asked to play the heritage stage, and to do children’s play songs and dances, and was tickled to concentrate on those kinds of tunes. Not too many folks, and only a few kids early on, so I didn’t get to do actual playdances with kids.  We did get out the instruments and jam.


One little girl insisted on getting up on stage with me, and I assured her mom that it was okay.  She then turned around and said, in little girl tones, “I like the music”.  I relayed this to the audience and then added that she was welcome up on stage anytime!


Nice time at a nice festival.. ..