I found enough energy to head out to the Boyertown Jam with Amy Forsythe, a friendly community picking session that featured AIR CONDITIONING.  I hung out in the back for awhile but I sensed Amy needed some solid rhythm so I helped out. Lots of leads spread around, but I like making a tapestry of the beat on guitar and mandolin. 


When it came my turn, I pulled out July by Geoff Bartley and announced that here was a song that nobody else knew, so listen up.  I invited call and response on the instruments but folks picked up on the vocals as well. Surprise, surprise.  Cool.

Short and sweet with great lyrics about playing acoustic music in the summer. Last lines, “If I had my way, it’d be July all the time.”  We finished in style, and then I added, “But not so f#&king hot.” A nice moment.


I ran into Nick, a harp player friend from way back, who lives near town.  Amazing to run into him and hear his playing that harkens back to some very good times. He actually gave up harp for 7 years. Nick is one of the good ones.