I traveled locally for this one, in Whitehall, PA at the public library. Quite a few interesting connections tonight amongst the 50 folks there.


The librarians were wonderful and appreciative of my willingness to play for cheap. Frankly, I just want to play. There was a crew of teens doing community service, hauling chairs and hanging out. I approached them before I went on and told them of their responsibility to have fun, turn off cell phones and be interactive. And, you know, they did, and we connected throughout the evening. Great job.


A older couple, fans of Steppin’ Out! were there, and we chatted about Reid, and they talked about Ansel (the three of us did a gig at the Sands). I shared some  this coincidence: I e-chatted today with both Reid and Ansel, both of whom met in Mass. last night. These folks knew about these friends of mine, both amazing musicians who did one gig with me in a bar, and we connected somehow in the last 24 hours.


As we were making these connections at a picnic table, one woman, quite pregnant and with a very hip toddler boy in tow (who was towing whom is another story..), was remarking to a friend, “I love Dave Fry.” I turned around poked her, saying, “Thank you very much.” She was totally caught off guard, and we enjoyed the moment. She then said she had seen me at the local elementary school 25 years ago and hadn’t seen me since then. She wanted The Cat Came Back.


Another mom said they had listened to my tape Aw Shucks to Virginia and back once. It’s not the only time I’ve heard of family excursions and hours of Dave Fry in the van. It’s a very cool part of my legacy, and one I’ve come to treasure, though I do say I’m sorry that I put them through the experience. Perhaps, ‘got them through it’.


Every gig is precious, and I continue to learn from each one.