I booked two farmers’ markets up in CT just for the hey of it, and to get a chance to pick with my CT buds in between. The Friday afternoon one was in Madison, my old home town, on the green.  I like this one because of the spacious green with big trees.  Some familiar faces – moms and daughters – and some new families, too. I fought Friday traffic to get there a half hour late, but it is a farmers’ market, so there is some slack.  The time goes quickly.


I headed up to visit Ron Anthony and Susie to stay overnight, and ron rounded up some of the ole gang for a picking party.  Beer and pizza and lots of songs and tales around the kitchen table.  This is the good stuff, and I caught up with Ron, Denny, Jim, Frank, Bill, Lou, Rick.


Saturday morning was an early one, with three hours in West Hartford at 9 am. This is more urban, but, again, good folks who were glad I was there. Mixed it up with some kids and adults and the time passed quickly. Lots of ones $$.


Ten hours of playing music, nine hours of driving, and I think I made a little money after gas.  It’s okay, though.