This morning session came on the heels of the long Band Aid day, but it was all good. Rosalie, my daughter and Kevin’s daughter Jordan were lined up for a couple of projects.  The first one was a waltz ‘Rosalie, Where are you going?’, a going to take a bath song. It was a good to start out on and we coaxed some good stuff out of them both separately.


We moved to the Jump Rope Mash Up, a series of short jump rope rhymes split up amongst the three of us. we did the separate ones and then tried some with Rosalie and Jordan together on one mike. Jordan, a short 4th grader stood on a piano bench next to Rosalie, and the magic happened (as I imagined it would). Both are wonderfully intelligent, so they had some great chemistry.  They did some great stuff.  The piece will have a bed of playground sounds that I put together from Holy Infancy, spliced and spiced with bird sounds, play songs of old (Bear Hunt, Peanut Butter, etc. that I had recorded the kids doing outside.) It will be quite an interesting sonic piece that will be different than anything that’s out there.